Thanh Tran-Tien

Machine Learning Engineer

About Me

A Machine Learning Engineer with a focus on Computer Vision. I’m interested in both theoretical (mathematics) and applied ML (programming frameworks and techniques).

My research includes:

  • Computer vision
  • Medical image processing
  • Applied machine learning


Hanoi University of Science and Technology

Bachelor of Science


Control Engineering and Automation

Top 1 at The HUST’s Student Research Competition for academic year 2019-2020


Segmentation of Left Ventricle in Short-Axis MR Images Based on Fully Convolutional Network and Active Contour Model

Tien Thanh Tran; Thi-Thao Tran; Quoc Cuong Ninh; Minh Duc Bui; Van-Truong Pham

GTSD 2020: Computational Intelligence Methods for Green Technology and Sustainable Development pp 49-59

Skin Lesion Segmentation Based on Modification of SegNet Neural Networks

Quoc Cuong Ninh; Thi-Thao Tran; Tien Thanh Tran; Thi Anh Xuan Tran; Van-Truong Pham

2019 6th NAFOSTED Conference on Information and Computer Science (NICS)





Engineering intern

Works on control engineering and electrical engineering projects.

Iwana Technology



Research intern

Research computer vision algorithms and intergrate them into products.


Pushup Counter

Count pushups from video/webcam

Tech stack: Keypoint detection, BlazePose, action recognition.

My Hobbies

In my free time, I love reading books and hanging out. I also participart in open source projects and do some DIY works.